Friday, March 11, 2011

Photobook Makeover

Photo book makeover from my first client of wedding books, Peter Tan's wedding samples in order to rejuvenate the physical design of his wedding book. The previous cover was using the coat paper, I replaced the old cover with new chipboard and use Nolita Kid Pu leather picked by him (after 1st red color was rejected due to some weird marks he doesnt like). The leather cover is also pressed with blind hot deboss stamping for his logo. He's got marvelous photos too.

Slipcase + Stick On Album Final Set

Album Makeover Set RM90 per unit (photographer's price for 3 units)

Original Album is provided by client.

This album is designed for Puan Aiza from Keramat who just started diving into wedding photography business which she wanted to have a premium album quality and yet she's offering this album with a very affordable price.

The best part is that you choose your leather types, we do the rest. Limited leather albums selection are not our preference which we are purposely to break the barrier to give freedom for customers. Long live customers!

Contact us for more information. Hatizal 019.6645735.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bone Folder?

The major identity for book maker or binder is the bone folder. Bone folder is a basic manual binding tool made from whale's bone with blunt edges, it is basically use to fold paper or wrapping material with ease on thick paper surface around the edges. There are quite few types of bone folder with general and specific purposes. It is purposely to avoid smudges or wrinkles either from air bubbles or glue residue to emerge on smooth surface on the paper.

Some people who cant afford to buy it will use other household items or hardware items made from plastic for binding works. However, book maker is not symbolize by the special tools, it's in their heart and mind. Just sharing. Hope this info could give you guys a better knowledge in book making process.

Thesis binding, delivered yesterday , it's also business to us.

I did two copies for him which the premium one is printed with quality Art Paper and the normal copy with standard specs . Actually he missed the dateline for his thesis, but the appointed supervisor gave him another dateline due to out of stock chemical supplies from US. Unfortunately I didn't take the shots for premium copy and this photos are supplied by the owner to me thru email. Thanx for the help.

And currently we are provide services to students for the thesis report in major universities in Klang Valley such as below:
a. Universiti Putra Malaysia.
b. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
c. Universiti Malaya
d. Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)
e. University of Nottingham
f. Universiti Islam Antarabangsa.
g. Private education colleges.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nu Face of Stick On Album Cover

Premium Look Change from a normal Stick On Album

Original Look of Stick On Album

Nu Look with Metallic PU Leather Lining + Thin Layer of Sponge + 1800gsm Paper Board

Sharp Edges from Original Design of the Album

Curved Edges for Better Protection and Nicer Look

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Type of Books Around The World

Reminder: Photos are genuinely taken from various blogs and website, the illustrations are for viewers' reference and we do not wish to replicate/imitate the identity of related book suppliers where we purposely showing their photos for educational and better understanding towards people in Malaysia.

Screw Type Binding

Slipcase with Screw Binding

Blind Deboss Stamping with Leather Suede Binding

Guest Books with Blind Deboss Stamping

Leather Bound Book with Bold Spine Stitching

Loose Leather Cover Guest Book

Padded Leatherbound with Side Stitching

Custom Slipcase Book

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Normal Pricelist for Hard Cover Bookbinding Services

Thesis Binding RM15.00 (not including the photocopy & print)
Tender Document Binding RM30.00 with lamination (not inclusive photocopy & print)
Book & Album Binding RM30.00 with lamination (not inclusive photocopy & print)
Magazine & Articles Binding RM15.00 (A4 Sized) & RM30.00 (A3 sized)
Book Restoration RM20.00 onwards
Printing BW RM0.05 per page & Color RM0.30 per page.
Art Paper Printing RM1.50 per page.
Hot Stamping Services RM40 per book.

Normal Delivery : 2 Days (not more than 5 units)
1 Day Delivery available.

Pickup and delivery service provided for KL, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka. Transport charges for Klang valley area starts at RM10 per order.

Courier services provided with Poslaju or other private courier services with normal charges.

1 Day Delivery request is entitled for additional charges by 100% of the total.

Purchase order more than 5 units under one receipt is entitled for 10% discount.

Call Hatizal 019-6645735 for more info. Thank you.


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