Saturday, April 30, 2011

Archival Binding Works for SME Technoprenuer Center in Cyberjaya

70 A4 sized binding and 16 A3 sized binding books with light blue color cover from magazines, articles and newspapers for annual documentation works.

Catalogue For Hard Cover Material

Acrolin (PVC Type) for Thesis, Research/Document, Archival Binding Works.

Farhin Paper normally for box cover, book cover and folders.

Arbelave Library Buckram is a linen type fabric with hardened resin for high quality and long lasting binding for archival binding and premium display.

Note: Prices are vary due to different prices of each material. The 'X' mark is for non available material due to limited supply and demand for Malaysian market.

Monday, April 11, 2011

New List of Services in Book Binding

We are glad to inform you that we are adding another range of services related to our main business to ease our customer on being a one stop center services under one roof, it is as below:

a. Soft Cover Binding - using Art Card or Paper with digital print plus lamination for perfect binding.

b. Wire O Binding - Metal Coil Binding for any document books.

c. Archival Binding - Compilation of printouts such as magazines, bulletins, flypapers, newspapers, R & D documents or any related documents for annual or monthly book. Usually customer will opt for hard cover binding.

d. Lock Binding - Brass metal screw binding with hard cover.

e. Perfect Binding - flat binding for 180 degree opening for book and magazine using quality adhesive for strong bind and using mainly paperbacks.

f. Folder File - Folder file with a wrapped Art Paper printouts for company signatures/identity on the external surface.

g. Certificates Holder - Single of double folder file designed for certificates platform usually to tertiary education programs or any related courses or any related forms.

h. Wedding Cards - Invitation cards with 100 over variety of textures, sizes, designs and thickness to offer for customers.

i. Digital Print Services - economy and quality printing using Xerox high quality printer and comes with variety of Art paper selection as big as A3 printout size.

j. Notebooks - premium notebook with high quality art paper and leather skin cover.

k. Hot Stamping Services - we provide gold, silver and red color hot stamping effect.

Please contact me for further details on pricing and quality paper request or for other details.

Thank you.