Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Put Your Name, Logo, Decorative etc for only RM40 per book

Hi guys, I just wanna share with you with my new service where you can have a new look and impressive pattern for ur new/old books. You can put ur name, contact no, website add, words etc on ur leather, paper, pvc type book cover. It will last long than before. There are few choices, either gold, silver or blind stamping. Just view the pics below for your reference.

The cost for plate making is RM2 per square inch, so it depends to your desired size for the one that you wanted us to stamp it on. Plate is yours after we finish the stamping process.

Total plate cost: RM2 per square inch
Total stamping cost for 2 sides of book cover : RM40 per book.

We can also do it on ur fav hand bags, wallet, phone leather cover, t shirts, jeans etc.

Gold Stamping type

Silver Stamping Type

Blind Stamping Type

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Special Order for iPad Leather Hard Case

Special Design for iPad Leather Hard Case with choices of color of leather. Special guard to hold the iPad and firmly hold in the casing with the imitaion of book when you carry it around. Less risk of getting your iPad being stolen and better protection for shock or drop situation. Price is RM150 per unit.