Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Latest Services of Mahkota Bindery (updated July 2011)

Latest Services of Mahkota Bindery business are as below:

a. Photobook & Album Maker
b. Soft & Hard Cover Binding
c. Contract & Tender/Plan Binding.
d. Menu Book /Card Binding.
e. Guest or Signature Book for Wedding/ School etc.
f. Die Cut Services
g. Wedding Card Binding.
h. Plan Folding Services/
i. Hot Stamping Services.
j. Hot Sealing for Packaging.
k. Book Restoration.
l. Mock-up Design/ Product.
m. Premium NoteBook Binding for Gift & Souvenirs.
n. Bill, Receipt & DO Book.
o. Graphic Design Services for Logo and Artworks. (Redraw or Tracing for Negative Film Production and Metal Plate)
p. Plan Folding Services.
q. Gloss, Matte and Textured Lamination services.
h. Product Packaging.

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